Thursday 15th June 2017 – Kansas (Moderate Risk)

We awoke in Independence to a Moderate Risk of Storms in Kansas today but not for tornadoes, that risk was 2% with a 45% Wind Damage threat and 30% for Large Hail. Thinking was Supercells would initiate along a stationery boundary near Hays and then increase in numbers and congeal into a damaging SE moving wind threat overnight. The first storm we got onto just west of Great Bend was nice on its approach but numerous storms going up around it had already pulled this into a fast south eastward moving bow type structure, was today over already ? Surely not at 4pm ?

We went south from Great Bend towards Pratt and sat watching developing storms to the west and one such storm really took off for us around 5pm, rapid developments and increasing Cg lightning was noted and then the structure started to take shape with a stunning LP Supercell in front of us, things change so quickly in Tornado Alley from nothing at 5pm to full blown Supercell by 525pm!

We followed this storm south towards Pratt and then noticed some huge hailstorms coming up from North Central Oklahoma were on a collision course with our storm and us as well. The inflection point looked to be just east of Pratt so I stopped us just near where that point was and we got some great shots of the structure which was jaw dropping with green skies and Cg lightning and pretty rapid rotation.

Shortly after the above pictures all the storms came together as one big bowing system heading south east so the final plan of the day was for some cloud art, knowing we had about 30 minutes to get to our destination before the 5-10 minutes of stunning colours took hold we headed north towards Mcpherson to be in the dry just North West of the storm complex to watch the amazing Mammatus and Cg lightning with the sun setting to our west, we were not disappointed what an end to a great chase day!

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