Thursday 22nd June 2017 – CO/KS (Slight Risk)

This would be our last chase day of the 2017 Season and although Tornadoes had been hard to come by Lightning was prolific and once again today with temps forecasted to be near 100f today would be no different. The Risk today was twofold, some early Upslope storms in Colorado and also that same stationery bounary in Western Kansas. Due to the fact we had not chased Colorado yet on Tour 4 we chose that option due to it being closer to Denver for departure day and the fact Colorado can sometimes throw up some 2% Magic. Temperatures were also forecasted to be in the mid 80’s here so that was another thing that tempted us. After a quick lunch in Burlington the first Supercell of the day was rolling eastwards towards Kit Carson so we intercepted this down some great Colorado dirt roads. The structure as expected was stunning with a huge LP Supercell spitting out anvil bolts in front of the structure. Once again Mr Finney smashed the pictures. This is one of the them below

We chased this storm all the way into Kansas where it weakened but by this time more Supercells were forming along the boundary so the 2nd part of the chase was now on. We allowed a developing storm to hit us at Tribune (Ks) and we took some half dollar sized hail. We blasted east from there towards Leoti and Scott City and watched more Supercells quickly form, we raced east to Dighton and let them once again impact the town. The light was quickly fading now but Chase 2017 had one last hoorah and a Cg strike hit the towns generator making everything go pitch black. It really was amazing to watch the non stop strobe lightning lighting up the town with no street lights anywhere. We ended the day at Garden City and along the way the guests snapped away at Lightning from the storm moving away to our east.

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