Wednesday 21st June 2017 – NE/KS (Slight Risk)

Started today in Hays (KS) with a firm target of the Nebraska and Kansas Border area from 6pm onwards so we headed north and ate lunch at Alma (NE) Storms today would struggle initially but with the approach of a shortwave trough in the area by 6pm things should get more organised as the day went on and Supercells would be likely by the end of the day. The Tornado Risk once again was very low with less than 2% likely once again due to the insane forecasted temperatures in the 100’s. After lunch we went west to Norton and then north to Beaver City to watch some non severe storms and mainly play with the small hail. Things started to come together around 6pm with our first severe warned storm throwing out 2″ Hail. We chased for about 2 hours getting some lovely lightning pictures with a prolific Cg producer, Temps had hit 107f today such was the electrically charged atmosphere.

As sunset approached we dropped south to sit just north of Alma and positioned ourselves so we had 360 degree views of Lightning, with the setting sun it made for some amazing lightning pictures.

The Storm furthest to our South West in the picture above would give us a few more hours of fun though as it turned into a beautiful LP Supercell which moved straight south out of Kansas and into Nebraska. The lightning on this storm was very reminiscent of the 16th June storm throwing out huge amount of clear air Cg bolts at regular intervals. I even managed to get the Border sign in a few of them.

We went further south and John Finney pulled off this stunning image of the LP Structure.

We ended the day where we started after doing a massive big circle in Hays (Kansas)

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