Saturday 19th August 2017 – SE Arizona

We set off after breakfast knowing this was our last chance of storms for this trip and also knowing the models were not being too kind with regards to storms. Moisture had still not returned to the area sufficiently with only Mid 50’s dewpoints at Douglas after some mixing of the air that morning. Storms would roll into extreme SE Arizona from SW New Mexico and would come up against more unfavourable conditions the further west they went. In fact most models had Arizona devoid of convection by 6pm.

We got onto our first Storm near the town of San Simon which was throwing out a huge dust storm in all directions. Lightning was hard to see and buried by the sand and dust. The picture below is looking north from I-10 of the Haboob marching West towards the Catalinas.

We blasted east after this to get into the precipitation area of the storm and started to see much more Cg Lightning but just could not find a suitable dry stopping point to try to shoot lightning on our cameras. The storm then promptly died and pretty much everything dried up and it was only 4pm! It was a pretty lame end to our Monsoon Season Journey tbh.

On the way back to Tucson we were treated to the best Sunset of the trip though so maybe Arizona was saying goodbye in Style before we set off in the morning for Denver and the Eclipse!

Amazing Sunset Colours on the Mountains Above!

A fitting end to the Monsoon Season above with Arizona simply saying STOP!

See you next year hopefully Arizona and here is too many more Monsoon Storms and Fantastic Scenery!

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