Tuesday 15th May 2018 – NM/TX – Slight Risk

Started today in Garden City with a chase target of Clayton down to Clovis in New Mexico. Storms would fire on the Santa Christo Mountains and travel ESE today and we were hopeful for at least some Supercells to eventually chase us towards the Lubbock and Plainview areas as is usual in these Set-Ups. After a quick lunch stop and some pictures at the New Mexico sign we got to Clayton and noticed 1 particular storm was starting to evolve into the Storm of the day just west of Tucumcari.

We headed towards one of my favourite viewing points in New Mexico (The Ampitheatre) which is SE of Tucumcari and watched the storm approach. The Structure was getting really nice and the storm had a pronounced wall cloud and it really tightened up at this point and looked like it could produce at any time.

We repositioned South and East to follow the storm but storms were starting to pop up and contaminate our Supercell just how the Models had showed, was it too late ? We stuck with it and noticing the dewpoints were still well into the low to mid 60’s over West Texas knew this storm still had a chance as it trundled on South and Eastwards. We decided to punch through the mainly quarter sized hail and emerged in front of the now Supercell near Dimmitt (Tx).

What greeted us the other side was a stunning Supercell with some incredible lightning and ground hugging wall clouds. The sky looked like the end of the world with the brown dirt fields being lifted up into the Storm and the sun setting made for an amazing landscape.

The Storm was now going really outflow dominant so we retreated to Plainview and watched as it rolled into town, winds topping 90mph smashed into Plainview and after a Chillis dinner we retreated to our hotel noticing damage all along the way. A really good Chase Day in the end though

Picture below of damage to a Petrol Station

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