Sunday 5th August 2018 – Az (Gen T-Storm Risk)

Groundhog day and another risk South and East of Tucson. Got down to the Wilcox are for sunset and a line of storms to our west over Safford and St John and watched some nice structure with Mammatus in the setting sun.

As darkness fell it was time for some Cg shots before it got totally dark and we got quite a few.

My attention was now drawn to a North East to South West line further south over towards Douglass and we headed south from Benson to a favoured high point and watched about an hour of clear air Cg’s over the Mountains. All the following shots were taken by Stuart Wilson and show the frequency of the Lightning this evening.

Another productive day for the Monsoon Workshop and more to come this week. It has been a great Monsoon season so far

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