Monday 6th August 2018 – Az – (Gen T-Storm Risk)

After relocating we started today from Benson and visited Tombstone for lunch and also went on a scouting mission for more amazing viewpoints. We watched some convection forming but it was quite weak with only a few bolts of Lightning seen. We then made our way up towards Wilcox and a line of strong storms moving into Arizona from New Mexico. Around Sunset these storms started to die out but as is usual with these types of storms their outflow and dust pushed an Outflow Boundary further West so we waited and it wasnt long before storms formed around the Dragoon Mountains. I positioned us so we were literally surrounded by storms from all sides.

The western most storm had the sun setting underneath it creating an amazing sunset over the Dragoons.

We then headed further west to get into position as the Cg’s were on the Increase and stopped near St John to look back east, some really nice Lightning was pinging all around us in all directions.

Rain then hit our location so we headed further South towards Tombstone and more Lightning this time from a location we found earlier in the day.

It was hard to keep dry this evening with lots of strong outflows pushing rain every direction, we then headed back North to our Base in Benson to grab some food but I noticed more storms forming and more great lightning occuring over the Dragoons to the East again so we went back for round 3 around 1030pm.

And Finally this one that came out of the Anvil and landed a few miles from the car shot by Nicholas Lee below

All in all another truly amazing days Monsoon chasing and I really cant think of a more active year. Our last 4 days look really good still.

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