Tuesday 7th August 2018 – Az (Marginal Risk)

Last day of starting in Benson before we returned to Phoenix for the last 3 days of the Tour, had a leisurely day awaiting Storms to mature around the Tucson area around 4pm onwards. The first strong storm was hard to get too as it was stuck on top of Mount Lemmon and most of the Lightning was around the North East side where there are limited road options.

We could also see a strong storm to our South near Corona Du Tucson so went to a favoured viewpoint which looks South and East namely A Mountain. The Storm once again was having a hard time putting out bolts but looked nice in the valley to the South. Stuart Wilson grabbed a great Daytime Cg Shot though Below with his Lightning Trigger

As this was occuring a Convergence Zone was sitting pretty much above us and the one mistake I made yesterday was to not follow this west towards 3 Points, the storm took off and some amazing Lightning Opportunities were missed with this storm. We now had a decision to make to go South East towards Vail or North towards an area of storms east of Casa Grande. Lazyness probably got the better of me as the storms closer to Phoenix were on our way home so we set off northbound. It soon became apparant that blowing dust was going to be a massive problem with these storms. This was turning out to be a frustrating chase day. But we endured and kept plugging away, carrying on North towards Phoenix where more storms were initiating along Outflow Boundaries. We still could not see the bolts though as they were buried in the dust, until we crucially got North of the Storm near Fountain Hills and had a view from the side that did not contain dust. The next set of pictures are from Fountain Hills looking South towards Apache Junction.

We finally headed back to literally 1 mile from our Hotel with a great view South towards South Mountain and the University and picked off the last bolts of the Day.

Below : Great Shot From Stuart Wilson looking South

9 Days now on the trot of active weather in this Monsoon Season and hopefully 3 more to come.

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