Thursday 9th August 2018 – Az (Slight Risk)

Slight Risk, yep only the 2nd of the Summer Monsoon season here in Arizona, it is pretty much the equivalent of a Moderate in Tornado Alley so usually with such an uptick the risk will under perform. Flagstaff was the first town to be hit with sporadic Golfball Hail which is almost unheard of in Arizona. We pretty much followed out path from the previous day, chasing around the Wickenburg area and watching storms go severe from the outflow to the North, only this time these storms did not seem to want to put of any Cg Lightning with mostly Intercloud Lightning. It was really frustrating, the only lightning producers seemed to be storms that initiated really quickly off outflow and you had to be in the right place at the right time for those. We did manage some pictures today but none I would class as that good. After watching the Storm North of Phoenix drift towards us for half an hour we wondered if the lightning was on the other side of the storm so core punched it along the Carefree Highway. Wrong lol. Did get some nice structure before we core punched though with a field of Cactus in front of us.

We headed south and west towards Buckeye where another new cell had formed and was spitting out visible Cgs, today was not for the want of trying as it was getting really late now. We did manage some cg’s with this storm before it went Inter Cloud again. And some of these were very atmospheric with a dust storm in shot and boiling updraughts as well.

And Stuart managed to pull off a lovely shot shown below

After this another round of Storm kicked off in the East Valley of Phoenix pretty much over our Hotel so we ventured back for around Midnight and watched this roll through, once again loads of wind and Intercloud Lightning and quite a few power flashes but no visible Cg’s.

Last day coming up on Friday but what a Fantastic Trip it has been

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