Wednesday 4th July 2018 – CO (Marginal Risk)

Well……………………..Today was NOT Supposed to be a chase day but then BA went and delayed our flight for 6 hours and the good people at the Car Rentals said we could keep it until 9pm if we liked soooooo…………………..Off me and John Finney set off.

Some really nice Storms were knocking about just east of DIA and within about 20 miles to the North and East so we went to have a look. Heading North from Bennett we came across some nice accumulations of hail at the side of the road, the storm just to our North was grumbling away still and with the sunlight shining through John managed to get some Cg Lightning with his trigger.

One of the Storms a bit further east we noticed had now acheived a Severe Thunderstorm warning and the velocities were showing a tightening couplet, from our vantage point looking east at the Boiling updraughts I was pretty confident this storm had some sort of Landspout Funnel spinning away out the back of the storm, it was certainly rotating from our vantage point.

This was turning into a lovely little bonus day (Thanks Again BA)

Storms finally were really shifting to the North and East so we had to let them go, we did manage some nice setting sun shots before we gave the car back though and finally trudged through to Departures. Colorado gave us one final chase day for 2018!

Picture below of Denver Downtown in front of the Rockies with Moisture in the low levels.

With thanks to John Finney for some outstanding Photography once again during the 2018 Season.