Saturday 4th May 2019 – Tx Panhandle (Slight Risk)

We started today in Dallas Fort Worth having picked everyone up the day before and set off at 9am. My target was Seminole and we headed west along I20 stopping in Stillwater for lunch. We arrived at our target just as the first towers were rising into the sky to the west near Tatum (NM) We sat and watched the storm which was on a real slow burner for the first hour. At around 6pm the storm finally became a full blown Supercell and you could tell the structure was starting to take shape. We headed south towards Denver City and found a nice spot with nodding donkeys and watched in awe at some of the best LP Supercell structure for years. We watched this for a while and then decided to sample some of the hail which never really got above quarter sized. After this we headed south to Hobbs and came in from the SW side to watch a wall cloud and see the storm gain a brief tornado warning. We ended the day in Lubbock. A great chase to blow away the cobwebs for the season


Pictures above from James who is helping out with Photography on this tour

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