Monday 6th May 2019 – Kansas (Enhanced Risk)

Started today in Childress with a firm target of the Western third of Kansas. Both Nam and HRRR showed mostly the same thing with a frontal boundary sagging southwards through Kansas through the day and a dryline drawn southwards from there through SW Kansas and the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles. Moisture was plentiful with low 70’s having been advected into Southern and Central Kansas. SPC had a broad 5% Tornado Risk for today. On the trip north I was growing increasingly worried with a Cirrus canopy overspreading the area of interest and also an anvil shield from a storm rolling east through Baca County (CO) The frontal boundary further east started to fire storms which were quickly undercut by the cold front moving south, this was not a good sign for when/if our storms further west would fire, the trick would be to get a storm to ride the boundary far enough south to have a chance at a Tornado before being undercut or go to the Storm that was moving in from the west into better conditions and higher moisture. We sat at Sublette with loads of other chasers watching the skies as a Tornado Watch was issued at 630pm.

Even had a chat with Hank Schyma about the days chances (Amazing Chaser)

The Storm in Colorado at this time had now started to move into SW Kansas and with nothing firing to our North and 1 eye on the biggest day of the week tomorrow coming up further south we headed west towards Rolla to intercept this Storm. When we arrived and set up just to the south east of the storm an amazing orange sunset was in full flow. Some really dangerous anvil bolts were getting thrown out of the storm of which one landed a few hundred yards away making everyone scatter back to the cars.

The storm was now looking very outflow dominant and gusty winds were going to be the main threat as the storm started to bow out.

We headed back to Liberal TO Applebys with numerous other chasers before ending the day at the Super 8 Motel and crucially be in great position for the Moderate Risk in the Texas Panhandle tomorrow.

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