Thursday 9th May 2019 – S Texas (Slight Risk)

Started the day in Childress and with a mammoth 7 hours drive ahead of us through and south of the front this would be our last chase day for a few days whilst the Plains resets after the cold front intrusion all the way to the GOM Coast. We headed for Uvalde in the hopes that either the front could fire off a South moving Supercell moving into Juicy 83/73 air or something could come in from the Mexican Mountains to our west. When we got into our target area it soon became clear that the conditions were soupy with no chance of even spotting the storms with the air so thick. The models had also had a nightmare on this day with storms looking like an MCS in the Mountains and then sorting themselves out once darkness came around 8pm. We were just about giving up hope and heading to San Antonio for the night when I spotted a really interesting looking storm to our east on Radar near the town of Pleasonton and heading over to take a look, this storm seemed to be stationery on the front and when we got within a few miles actually went tornado warned.

We headed through the core and watching a wall cloud in driving rain but literally darkness cut short the chase (It gets dark really quick down here) So we headed to Chillis for a meal and watched the lightning.

Overall a waste of a day down here and we will now start to make our way back to the High Plains of New Mexico and West Texas for Sunday and Mondays marginal risks.

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