Wednesday 8th May 2019 – Oklahoma (Marginal Risk)

Started the day in Elk City and it looked like a Convergence zone would be the focal point of todays storms with SE Winds moving against NW Winds and the Initiation zone looked to be somewhere near Shamrock, storms today would move SE into Western and South Western Oklahoma with a brief chance at Supercell structures. Overall the threat was expected to be minimal due to no upper support meaning storms would quickly rain in on themselves.

The early signs were good when we arrived at a favoured viewing position looking west at the line of developing storms with numerous needle funnel clouds being spotted over towards the Mcclean area.

We headed back east towards Sayre and the dropped south once a storm started to get organised, there was very little lightning with these storms and tops only really reached upto 20,000ft at their maximum. We continued to drop south diving into the hail core a few times but only penny sized hail was noted.

We then headed west through Hobart and got west of the now dying out storms as solar input was waning for the obligatory Rainbow shot and hoping to get some Mammatus on the back edge anvil but even this was lacking. Overall we chased what we could but a very lacklustre day in general.

We ended the day in Childress contemplating wether we should make the mammoth drive down towards San Antonio for the next day as it was looking very quiet over the Plains for the weekend.

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