Saturday 8th June 2019 – Kansas (Slight Risk)

Today was the bonus chase day for Tour 4 and we started the day in Cheyenne early to head to Denver around 1130am, the risk today was a stationery boundary in North West Kansas and models had this initiating around 3pm so I was hopeful we could make it in time along the fast Interstate 70. As with many storms this year the Cap broke very early around 1pm and a strong Supercell was already well under way with us 85 miles to the west. From our viewpoint it looked amazing from the west with crisp hard updraughts and it was no surprise it went Tornado warned early and dropped a brief landspout Tornado which was out of our reach. We continued on and topped off the cars in Burlington with another storm rapidly developing in explosive convection to our north along Highway 385. After grabbing some snacks we headed north and sampled the hail which was mainly quarter sized, the storm just to the North East of ours latched the boundary and quickly gained a Tornado warning with a confirmed landspout on the ground West of Saint Frances. In fact when we got visual 2 Landspouts were actually on the ground and from our position looked stunning with a deep blue sky and white Tornado drilling the ground.

This was an amazing start to Tour 4 and we watched as the storm moved off the boundary and weakened. We then set our sights on a developing Supercell near Goodland which had anchored itself to the boundary and drove through some sporadic Golfball hail and watched strong rotation with hot and cold RFD surging down out of the storm. We repositioned further south along dirt roads and then watched intense rotation and Tornado number 3 drop literally 100 yards to our west.

This Supercell was rapidly turning into one of the Storms of the year with some of the most amazing Lightning I had seen this season and the structure from the east also some of the best, our main problem was we had run out of dirt road options to the east so had to watch from the west but not before Tornado number 4 dropped

An incredible days chasing and a Supercell that given the conditions could have produced a long track Tornado and thankfully didnt. The surface charts below show the Synoptic set up with the Dryline Bulge.

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