Thursday 13th June 2019 – New Mexico (Slight Risk)

Started today in Amarillo with a target west of Clayton South East of the Raton Mesa mountain range for some upslope storms moving south-east into better moisture. Capping was a big concern today and that was proven when storms initially struggled to get going. We watched a storm near Springer that struggled and eventually dissipated near us, we then took dirt roads through canyons and another storm fired from the earlier storms outflow, the base on this looked amazing and would become the storm of the day. We stopped east of the storm and the structure started to look incredible going from LP to Classic Supercell quickly and the storm even gained a Tornado Warning.

We continued south and east down dirt roads stopping to look at the incredible structure all the time.

Radar Picture below showing our Position

The Storm was only just starting to get its act together and 3″ Hail started to fall just to our North. At one stopping point I jumped out of the car only for a fully grown adult rattlesnake to give me a stern warning. The storm as sunset neared took on some spectacular colours with oranges and red colours and some amazing lightning.

And one of my favourite pictures of the season so far below

We ended the day in Tucumcari with another risk day to follow in Kansas on Friday to come.

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