Tuesday 11th June 2019 – Kansas (Slight Risk)

Started today in Garden City and HRRR had initiation beginning around 5pm along a Cold Front in West Central Kansas. After having a nice lunch we watched towers trying to break the cap and after a few brief attempts a storm started to go severe just north of Kinsley. We got south of the storm and it rapidly gained a severe warning.

The Tornado Risk today was below 2% so structure would be the main target today and we headed south towards Greensburg to look back and admire and the Supercell started to get some really nice structure at this time.

The Cg Lightning was also spectacular with this storm.

We punched through the core and took some small hail and watched as the sun set with some amazing colours and fields of Mammatus under the anvil

We ended the day in Enid Oklahoma with a travel day looming ahead of a run of chase days starting in New Mexico on the 13th

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