Friday 14th June 2019 – Kansas (Enhanced Risk)

Started today in Tucumcari with a target area of Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado. The was a moisture tongue of mid 60’s dewpoints residing just east of a Surface Low in SE Colorado and this was our area for today. Storms initiated all too quickly today with a lack of Cap almost killing the day before it got started. We headed to Johnson City to watch a nice Supercell rolling east from Campo but all too quickly this storm grew upscale and too many cores interfered with it and the storms quickly became elevated which was good for lightning. There was very little tornado threat today once everything congealed. There was the briefest of structure before sunset just north of Elkhart and we let the storm chase us into Liberal for the night.

The Storm also ingested a lot of dirt from the fields which made for a nice Sunset.

A rather under key day today given the thermodynamic profiles on offer and the lack of surface winds really scuppered tornado chances today.

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