Monday 17th June 2019 – Colorado (Marginal Risk)

Started today in Wakeeney with a chase target of Eastern Colorado which was in the Marginal Risk between 2 Slights Risks in New Mexico and Northern Colorado. I liked this area due to the fact there was a surface low situated just east of Pueblo and some moisture was being pushed into the area from Western Kansas and the HRRR was showing a nice Supercell in the area, the SPC were not so bullish in there wording with mainly multicell storms expected.

We pushed south from Burlington through mainly small rain showers and headed for the furthest south storm which became stationery pretty much on the nose of the Low Pressure near Chivington. As we headed west from Sheridan Lake the storm became tornado warned and some really ominous lowerings were noted, around this time a Tornado was reported on the storm. We headed about 10 miles further south east to get a better look at the action area of the now obvious Supercell and the structure we encountered was some of the best of the season.

An absolute beast of a Supercell which was dropping 3.5 Inch Hail at the time of this picture, it also would crucially play a role in us missing a later Tornado near Arlington due to our Highway being closed due to 4ft Hail Drifts which had to be cleared by Snow Plough. The storm was too good to not get a Tour 4  group picture

Not long after the above our storm died out and we plotted a course for a newly Tornado warned Storm west of Eads but had to take the long way around which ultimately cost us time to get onto the storm while it was producing (A common Theme this year)

Our first look at the storm was one of a clearly Outflow Dominant Supercell so we booked rooms in Lamar and let the storm roll over us. A great day with some of the best structure of the season on a marginal risk day and we were the only chasers to get the structure we did. Amazing in this day and age of Storm Chasing.


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