Thursday 20th June 2019 – Colorado (Slight Risk)

Tour 5 started their first day with a risk in Colorado nice and local to Denver where we started. A very weak DCVZ was setting up today and SPC had a small 2% Tornado Risk for today, one thing lacking was the quality of moisture. A storm formed in the usual place around the Bennett area and we headed south to intercept. Some really nice Cg Lightning was noted with the storm and we headed east down dirt roads to stay in front of the storm that had already turned east towards Last Chance.

The Storm was massively High Based but intermittent Supercell structure was coming through from time to time.

The was also some strange rain shafts at times and its easy to see why these are falsely claimed as Tornadoes by law enforcement as some people could be easily fooled by these.

We continued on fantastic dirt roads heading through Cope and near Anton and found a great stopping point to shoot some structure to our north near an old abandoned Schoolhouse.

We continued on east to Idalia with the storm and got some lovely sunset shots before finishing in Burlington for the evening. A great first day.

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