Tuesday 18th June 2019 – Kansas (Enhanced Risk)

We awoke today to the last day of Tour 4 with a surprising 10% Tornado Risk in Central Kansas. The set-up today was a boundary that was sagging south and eastwards and this boundary was trailing an MCV that was pushing NE through the Salina area. We left in good time and had a very quick lunch in Dodge City, the first storm fired early around 145pm so we headed off NE up Highway 50 towards Kinsey. An Outflow boundary was denoted as a long line of cumulus clouds that looked like a gust front in appearance, the developing Supercell was tucked in just behind moving South East.

We parked up about 4 miles North East of Kinsey in a great position to watch the base roll towards us. Getting a first look at the base I knew instantly this supercell was going to produce a tornado and soon enough a barrel shaped funnel cloud came into view behind a grove of trees.

And not long after this a Tornado was on the ground with intermittent touch downs and dirt being kicked up in the distance through a gap in the trees.

The time was still only 225pm and we had a lone supercell almost to ourselves.

I did some arty black and white pictures trying to get the structure in as well

The storm weakened after leaving the boundary so we headed east towards Pratt for another Supercell that had fired but it soon became clear the dreaded line out was occuring already and storms were growing upscale so with one eye on having to get to Denver for the changeover day we bugged out west.

A great Tour 4 with them seeing 6 Tornadoes and countless Supercells.

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