Friday 21st June 2019 – Colorado (Slight Risk)

We started today in Burlington and had a chase target of Between Limon and Colorado Springs, SPC had issued a 2% Tornado Risk and chances for Supercell Storms were good with 35knts of West North Westerly flow aloft. The first Storm of the day fired near the Black Forest area in front of the Rockies so we set off towards Kiowa and stopped about 35 miles East of the storm. It quickly gained a Tornado warning early in its life

The storm then went on warp speed mode moving east at 50mph so we repositioned further east and travelling through the town of Simla Tornado Sirens were blaring away. The Storm as it neared Hugo then started to struggle for some reason and it was clear from the look it did not have long left but managed to snag 1 more shot looking up into the Mesocyclone while travelling along the road.

As the storm died we hung back along Highway 287 for more developments and patience paid off with a nicely structured Supercell that would go on to be the storm of the day and rampage across Kansas and Nebraska in the following hours. Our first look at it was near West of Kit Carson.

We kept in front of the storm as it pretty much followed Highway 96 through Kit Carson, Cheyenne Wells and Sharon Springs. You could tell it was fixing for some serious hail from the first look at it getting stronger.

After the above picture was taken we headed east but also started taking sporadic Golfball Hail and it looked like giant snowballs were falling in a very atmospheric sky with walls of dust crossing the road in front of us as well, the structure at this time was getting incredible behind us so we kept about 10 miles in front of it and stopped various times for shots, the first just as the sun was setting casting an orange glow under the base.

Heading further east and just into Kansas near the Border we stopped again and it looked like even better with cars fleeing the looming mothership above

As we fled east we rode the storm out near Wallace and got hit with 85mph wind driven quarter sized hail, luckily for us the storm had not picked up stones and pebbles like earlier with at least 5 chasers vehicles windows being blown out near Sharon Springs. An incredible Supercell on a great chase day we ended the day eating at Lucys Diner before ending the day in Goodland.

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