Saturday 22nd June 2019 – Colorado (Slight Risk)

We started today in Goodland and some were woken early with a 4.5 Magnitude Earthquake rattling the beds at 352am in the morning. The Target today was a little bit further south into SE Colorado with the hopes that some of that low 60’s dewpoints can get advected into the region late in the day from South Easterly winds riding up over the Palmer Divide and Raton Mesa. We stopped off in La Junta at Lucys Tacos which is an amazing Streetfood Taco Stall we found earlier in the trip. And it was not long before a Supercell was forming about 70 miles south along the Colorado/New Mexico border so we set off towards Kim and got into a nice position North East of the Storm.

We continued East towards Springfield stopping sporadicly along the way to admire the Structure at various stopping points.

It was clear this Storm like the day before was heading into heavily capped air further east and had that dying look about it so we stopped off at Springfield for a while awaiting the next line of 4 Supercells that had initiated along the Rockies and were hopefully going to be the main show with moisture having arrived in time.

After a break for about an hour we got into position about 14 miles North West of Springfield and it wasnt long before the storms came into view and these looked the real deal if slightly HP in nature they were still discrete so had a chance at a Tornado, Inflow winds were screaming behind us at about 40mph sustained and it wasnt long before the storm in front of us became Tornado Warned.

At about 838pm MDT one of our group got a Picture of the Cone Tornado this Storm Produced which has since been verified by NWS Pueblo and Nick Nolte got an even better picture of it from County Road RR which was 1 mile south of us (His Picture Below Credit to Nick Nolte)

The Cone is to the left of the Picture above. Soon after the above the winds switched to outflow and we made a hasty retreat back to Paved roads and headed South to Boise City to grab some food before heading east through numerous storms to Guymon to finish the day. Tour 5 off the Mark with a Tornado.

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