Sunday 23rd June 2019 – Ok/Tx (Marginal Risk)

Started today in Guymon and SPC had a large Enhanced Risk area along the Red River with attendant 5% Tornado Risk but we saw enough in leftover moisture in the Oklahoma Panhandle and Texas Panhandle to leave us in the area we finished the day before albeit in a Marginal Risk for storms and Zero Tornado Risk. We headed west to Boise City for lunch and watched towers trying to form into storms but everything seemed to struggle and it looked for a long time like it would just be single cell showers over great viewpoints of old houses that would be the order of the day.

Suddenly the Storm of the Day was taking shape further south just into the Texas Panhandle and finally we had our Supercell for the day and although we could never get in front of it due to limited road option the view from the back was simply amazing and for the next 2 hours it was photography heaven even with the numerous Mosquito bites we endured. Here are just some below of the hundreds of pics we took of this stunning LP Supercell South East of Perryton (Tx)

Once the Sun started to set the colours went into overdrive

An amazing end to the day

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