Friday 28th June 2019 – Montana (Enhanced Risk)

Started and ended the day in Billings for this chase, it looked like a repeat of yesterday and SPC upgraded from Slight to Enhanced on the 16z Update and also increased the Tornado potential from 2% to 5% with some quite bullish wordings as well about Tornadic Supercells. We headed to Lewistown for some lunch and then found an amazing spot to view storms from west of Christina, this spot had 100 mile views to all directions and is one I will keep bookmarked. Storms started firing and a Tornado Watch was issued but storms seemed to be struggling initially and it really did not feel humid at all, the low 60’s dewpoints certainly were not anywhere near yet but some readings further east near Glasgow and Miles City were showing low 60’s readings. Our first look at a storm rolling by to the west showed an elevated looking storm which was rapidly decaying.

Numerous other strorms were forming and also looked benign clearly moisture issues were evident, the other problem we had today was storm speed with them moving at 50mph to the North East.

The best looking storm of the day was near Christina and we followed this until we could keep up

But it was ultimately a lost cause and this became a very underwhelming day stormwise as the northern part congealed into a bowing complex moving into Canada and the southern segment died out as sunset came. Managed to grab a last picture of the storms moving away before we headed back to Billings.


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