Tuesday 25th June 2019 – KS/NE (Enhanced Risk)

After our travel day on Monday we awoke in good position in South Central Nebraska and to the News that we had an Enhanced Risk and 5% Tornado Risk in South Central Nebraska and North Central Kansas. Storms would form along a stationery boundary today with near 70f dewpoints residing to the south of this zone.

We grabbed lunch in Grand Island and headed down to developing towers near Hastings (NE) At around 3pm the first storms of the day were initiating and we got into position to watch the developing Supercell. Not long after another more potent storm was forming so we core punched the first to be in position between the 2 Supercells. The one to the east had some nice structure but the one to the west looked really good with some decent rotation and inflow winds.

There was a point as this storm was sat stationery on the front that it could produce a nice tornado and things were looking good with incredible low level rotation but not long after the above picture as taken the storm took a big jolt to the South East and started moving at 40mph clearly having left the boundary and blasting us with outflow winds and the storm becoming a HP Outflow Dominant beast. More storms at this point were forming rapidly clearly from gusting outflow from this storm and already even at 530pm a generated cold pool was making these storms grow upscale into a complex of bowing storms. We kept on stair stepping down towards the Kansas and Nebraska border to keep in front of the storms.

At Mankato we decided to head back north towards Superior (NE) and sit just north of the complex watching lightning as it raced away towards the South East, we knew that the last 4 days were going to be in the Dakotas and Montana so this was a good idea, some of the Lightning when we stopped was incredible and with a Hailbow as well made for some lovely pictures.

There was still time for a stunning sunset with decaying LP to our west before we ended the day – A really great Photography day for Tour 5 today

Now the long slog North!

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