Monday 15th July 2019 – Alberta Foothills

After picking up the 3 Cars and kitting them out it was only fitting to start the Canadian Stormchase just north of Calgary before we headed south for 5 days in the US because an active pattern the week previous was coming to an end for Canada as the Jetstream was buckling back southwards into Montana and the Dakotas for the week ahead. Storms today were of the Non Severe variety so we headed around 50 miles to the North West and watched a few storms. One or two of them had some nice lightning and a little bit of structure but it was clear once they left the higher terrain they were struggling so we called off the chase around 6pm and headed south into Montana to stay the night at Conrad (MT) in readiness for a much bigger day across SE Montana for Tuesday. A really nice Start to the trip though.

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