Tuesday 23rd July 2019 – Alberta Foothills

We started today in Great Falls with a Target of Alder Flats to Drayton Valley.


After lunching in Calgary we headed much further North and West to chase building Upslope Storms in the Foothills. One thing that was worrying me today was the delayed shortwave and its impact on pushing the storms out of the foothills and into the better moisture. Dewpoints of 64f were present which is quite rare for this far North and West. The first Supercell west of Alder Flats was pretty much stationery and never quite made it out of the hills but looked pretty.

We re-positioned further North and East to a great little viewpoint above Winfield and watched 3 Storms lined up but yet again they all struggled when they left the hills. This one was had the best structure below

We decided to head a bit further east in readiness for the last chase day which had some really good chances at a few Tornadoes in Saskatchewan and this day ended up being quite a bit lower than our expectations.

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