Wednesday 24th July 2019 – Saskatchewan

We started today in Camrose with the PASPC highlighting both Alberta and Saskatchewan as areas of interest. A surface Low was moving NE to be situated over Edmonton with a Cold Front trailing off to the South and South West and a Dryline from the Low heading off SE through Saskatchewan.

Models were insistent on the Dryline firing off some decent cells around 3pm so we headed east into SAS. We noted a line of bubbling TCU and these duly grew into Supercells so we set off to intercept and sit in front of a stunning Classic Supercell with a Field of Canola in front of us which Canada is famous for at this time of year.

The storms looked very tornadic until they seemed to cross into some cold air and started to congeal into a mess but our attention was drawn to a stunning Anvil from a storm south of Saskatoon which gained a Tornado Warning as well over the radio. We set off but the Intercept would prove impossible with Regina Lake cutting off any east road options and storms started to grow upscale at that point as well. It was a great learning curve though today and shows how chasing in Canada is not only possible but beautiful with its scenery. We ended the day in Regina and not before we got some stunning pictures of the Sunset and Mammatus under the Anvil which was moving away east into Manitoba.

And that draws to a close our Canadian Chase for 2019

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