Monday 12th August 2019 – Texas Panhandle (Gen T-Storm)

Having arrived into Phoenix on the Sunday we took the executive decision to head east for a week due to the Monsoon Season looking like a Nonsoon Season like it had for most of the 2019 Season. Models were showing little to zero storms in the whole State and with digging SW Troughs spreading Westerly dry air it was looking like a shutdown for at least a week. So we headed towards the Texas Panhandle for a General Thunderstorm Risk stopping off halfway in Albuquerque and picking up storms around the Dalhart area. Storms today were typical pulse type storms with very few Cg Lightning bolts until a boundary or two fired off more substantial storms around 7pm. The Towering Cumulus below were just North of Dumas.

We got into position just North of Dumas along Highway 287 and the Storm started to get a little bit more active as darkness was happening and the cloud tops cooling.

One last Storm around Dusk moving up from Boys Ranch which went briefly Severe had some really nice Sunset Colours and Melvyn managed to get the best Cg Shot of the Day.

A really nice Start to the trip and after a team meeting we decided the next 4 days coming up offered some really nice Supercell Chances so we have decided to stay for a week back in Tornado Alley for an extended Season.

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