Wednesday 14th August 2019 – Colorado (Slight Risk)

We started today in Burlington and NE Colorado looked very good again and SPC Agreed putting a 2% Tornado Risk in Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas. Storms would fire along a boundary but Moisture would not be as good as Tuesday with only Mid to High 50’s Dewpoints and Temperatures in the High 80’s. Large Damaging Hail would be the main threat but if a storm could remain discrete then Supercell Structure could be the main show. After a slow start with storms struggling with a stronger than expected Cap we found ourselves a little bit out of position near Sterling and a storm that quickly became surface based fired about 50 miles SE ironically just north of Burlington. The Supercell looked really nice from the west but the main problem now was getting on the right side of it to the South East.

We took a dirt road once our storm went Tornado Warned and started to see some very large hail on the ground some of the stones were 3″ that would certainly make a mess of our cars so we gave the main core a wide birth and ended up down the east side of the Storm along Highway 385 again through Burlington.

Some of the Large Hail Below

Our Position trying to get South East of the South Moving Supercell

Once South of Burlington we got about 10 miles SE of the Storm and watched in awe at some incredible structure that would not be out of place in June.

We moved along with the Storm towards Cheyenne Wells but darkness was rapidly approaching

The structure continued into the Night

We had a bit of a scare at Sheridon Lake when our road was closed at the Railway crossing and had to head back north into the Storm which again had been Tornado Warned but managed to head west and watch the storm drift away to the South. An incredible day ended at Limon with a big decision on wether to head back to Arizona tomorrow or chase one last day in Kansas.

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