Thursday 15th August 2019 – Kansas (Enhanced Risk)

We started today in Limon with a gruelling 5 hour drive across Interstate 70 to our target are which was Junction City east of Salina. The Set-Up was pretty textbook with an early day MCS Moving SE Through NE Kansas laying off an Outflow Boundary along I-70 Between Kansas City and Concordia which was pretty easy to see on radar. Temps would be around 80f with low 70’s dewpoints south of the boundary and great SE Winds around 25knts and North West flow around 45knts, HRRR was showing a group of 3 Supercells initiating around 6pm moving to the South and South East. We made good time and grabbed a quick lunch at Hays and made our target area for about 5pm. Agitated Cumulus started to appear around 530pm around Manhattan (KS) and we made our way to a decent vantage point in the Flint Hills to watch our storm of the day Initiate. We made our way to a point just east of Alta Vista and set up the cameras to watch a textbook Classic Supercell move towards our position.

The rapidly setting sun and the Crepuscular Rays were stunning from our vantage point. Some beautiful Anvil bolts were also starting to rain down from the 60,000ft Storm.

The structure with inflow tail cloud was some of the best of the Season at this point.

The Storm quickly became Tornado Warned and with some strong rotation from a blocky wall cloud it wasnt long before a Cone Tornado formed to our North, we had been sat in the same spot for 40 minutes now watching this all unfold in front of us without seeing a single chaser.

After watching the Tornado dissipate we relocated about 5 miles south on dirt roads as 3 more Supercells started to line themselves up but with light almost gone now it was getting harder to get any decent pictures. Our initial Supercell was now to our east but another to our north had a confirmed Tornado on it ironically 6 miles East of Alta Vista where we had been for 45 minutes, we managed to grab a decent picture of this 10 minute Cone Tornado through the trees though.

We headed further south after this to put some distance between us and the structure to shoot some lightning and we were not dissapointed with some of the lads taking amazing shots.

Cg and Structure Shots below

We ended the day in Emporia a full 1,098 miles from our Phoenix Hotel and let the last Supercell roll over our Hotel. An incredible chase day which would not look out of place in late May and yet again August delivers.

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