Friday 16th August 2019 – Colorado (Slight Risk)

We started today in Emporia (KS) and today was the day we would start making our way back to Arizona via another chase in Colorado and SPC went with a 2% Tornado Risk in North East Colorado so the plan was to head west along I-70 and pick up whatever there was storm wise with an aim to finish in Colorado before the 2 day journey back through the Rockies and some Scenic stuff along the way. As we neared our favourite place of Burlington a nice LP Supercell was ongoing near Otis so we headed North along Highway 385 to take a look. Capping today would be a massive obstacle to overcome and our once healthy Supercell that had gained a brief Tornado Warning was clearly struggling already visually.

The Storm all but died by the time it reached us South of Wray so we headed back south to the only storm that had managed to overcome the solid cap and along the way on the North West Side were treated to some nice Hailbows.

We ventured south to position just North of Cheyenne Wells for some Lightning shots as it got dark but even these were very below par with too much dirt ingested into the Storm making the bolts look brown and murky.

A very below par day but after the 3 days we had just had it would have taken something special to compete with those. Ended the day in Burlington.

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