Monday 19th August 2019 – NM/CO/UT/AZ – (Down Days)

We used the 3 days where no weather was possible to travel back to Arizona knowing there might be a couple of active days for days 9 and 10 of our trip. The 1000 mile journey back from Eastern Colorado allowed us to drive through the breathtaking scenery of the Rockies and visit places like The 4 Corners Monument and also Monument Valley on the way back along with some Astro Photography with the Milky Way visible from the Sunday with the Moon Phase allowing for a brief window every night. Our first stop on Sunday 18th was at the 4 corners monument.

In the picture above I have 2 arms and 2 legs in each of the 4 States.

We moved on from there to Gooseneck Park which is a less crowded version of Horseshoe Bend and well worth a visit for about $1 entry fee

We then moved onto Monument Valley and its iconic view from the North with the road leading up to the Rocks.

We still had time for some Astro Photography on the way back to Phoenix stopping off in the Prescott Valley to capture the Sunset which was lit up from Smoke from the Wildfires which have been raging for a few months.

And Mel took this beautiful shot of the Milky Way when the skies cleared

On the Monday we visited an old favourite in South Mountain National Park again for Sunset.

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