Wednesday 21st August 2019 – AZ – (Gen T-Storm Risk)

Today was our last chase of the Monsoon season and with moisture increasing just enough there should be some marginally severe storms around today. We got onto storms early around the Wilcox area and finally started to see some typical monsoon storms erupting and also some decent CG lightning.

We watched a couple of areas of storms erupt and dissipate in the usual 30-40 minutes. This one below looked really nice and threw out some stunning Cg bolts for a time

Behind us was another area of storms hugging the mountain tops as well

Mel once again managed some nice daytime bolts with his lightning trigger

Sadly all the storms died before Sunset so it was left with 2019 gaining the first time we had not seen night time lightning in the State for the first time since 2008. The Monsoon just did not get started this year not just August but July as well. Roll on 2020

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