Monday 22nd June 2020 – SE Essex Noctilucent Event

So the stage was set, all radars were looking good, there was High Tide at Hulbridge at 0215am and hours earlier a strong display had been present before the sun went below the horizon. Would this be the night that I would get the reflections on the water if the NLC rose high enough. On driving to Hullbridge Quay once down country lanes the northern sky looked like the sun had already come up and was ablaze with NLC already. I got down there and set up at 2am, the NLCs were stretched from North West all the way through North East and my 55mm lens would not be big enough for this. There was not a breathe of wind and High Tide was about to peak. Focus was sorted pin sharp and for the next 90 minutes until 320am it was a lovely feeling watching the ripples and waves of the NLCs with just the ducks making a noise on the water. I took over 150 pictures and the best one was the one below.

An amazing event of these beautiful clouds

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