Saturday 20th June 2020 – SE Essex Noctilucent Event

On the morning of the 20th of June around 2am at Hullbridge Quay and again in the evening of the 20th this time at the Southern end of Southend Airport weak Noctilucent Displays were observed over South East Essex. Again I really need to sort my focus out on my camera as unfortunately the blurring is occuring in the pictures.

The first sighting of weak NLCs timed with a low tide at Hullbridge so no reflections this time but nice to see none the less, the display lasted for around 90 minutes until 315am

On the evening of the 20th we only had a brief window in the evening due to a frontal system moving in from the west and the morning of the 21st would be clouded out, once again the focus needs to be sharper but a really nice image of St Lawrence Church in Eastwood with the NLCs behind and above.

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