Saturday 11th July 2020 – Noctilucent Neowise

The mission was plain and simple – To try and get the Comet Neowise and NLCs in the same picture and a once in a lifetime shot literally as the next time the comet visits us will be in the year 8700. After waiting patiently for 5 nights for a clear night after Low Pressure had the UK in Cloud and Rain since the weekend before everything looked set for Friday Night and Saturday Morning of the 10/11th July.

During the week I had extensively scouted out new locations with a North view and found a nice spot on the Dengie Peninsular in Essex which is about 40 minutes away from my house. We left at 1145pm and arrived at the location at 1230am. The Comet was visible with full tail even when we arrived just under the star Capella.

There was so much going on including a stunning Moon Rise in the East around 1am, add into that 2 amazing Persoid Meteors and an ISS pass overhead and this was even before the NLCs started to show. I first started to see the NLCs in the North West Sky viewable only by camera at this stage. But with the Moon rising and lighting up the foreground and the NLCs getting stronger and higher in the Sky the stage was set. I pulled off this first shot around 2am

Success straight away with the Comet and NLCs in the same image but the show was just getting going and some incredible cloud formations in the NLCs were stealing the show.

The display was getting stronger all the time as we neared 3am

The rippling effect was amazing to watch but by now the Comet had moved too far away in the North East Sky to get in the same shot. We got 1 last shot around 330am as the NLCs were dying off and as the tide came in enough to get a nice reflection shot.

Another great night of NLC action in this amazing season for it.

Sunday 5th July 2020 – SE Essex Noctilucent Event

After finally waiting over a week for clear skies an early event started to show itself even when it was still light at 930pm. Straight away it was high up in the sky so knew this would be my chance at the windmill at Mountnessing as the NLCs were also in the North East sky and not north under Capella. I got to the Windmill around 10pm and started to take some pictures, the clouds peaked around 1035pm and were all gone by 11pm tonight. Picture below.

On the night and morning of the 7th and 8th there was one of the best shows of the season but the whole of England was clouded out with only parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland in the clear skies, a chance missed and also a chance at Comet Neowise in the sky as well for a limited time.

Friday 26th June 2020 – SE Essex Noctilucent Event

Another Visit from the NLCs was looking likely for this day with the AIM Radar looking good for the 26th June. Skies had been cloudy most of the day but around 9pm they cleared and too the north a great display was setting up and quite early as well at 1015pm. I did not really have a lot of time to position so went to the airport viewing point and got some nice pictures of this 90 minute event. Clouds once again rolled in from a frontal system which curtailed any pre dawn event happening which was a shame.

The Outlook going forward is not great for the next few weeks with Low pressure becoming dominant so am not expecting many visible displays until the 2nd week of July.