Sunday 5th July 2020 – SE Essex Noctilucent Event

After finally waiting over a week for clear skies an early event started to show itself even when it was still light at 930pm. Straight away it was high up in the sky so knew this would be my chance at the windmill at Mountnessing as the NLCs were also in the North East sky and not north under Capella. I got to the Windmill around 10pm and started to take some pictures, the clouds peaked around 1035pm and were all gone by 11pm tonight. Picture below.

On the night and morning of the 7th and 8th there was one of the best shows of the season but the whole of England was clouded out with only parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland in the clear skies, a chance missed and also a chance at Comet Neowise in the sky as well for a limited time.

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