Wednesday 1st June 2022 – TX & NM (Slight Risk)

We awoke today in Lawton with another 2% Slight Risk and a sagging cold front which had swept through overnight. We had to find the SE Surface winds and plotted a course to Lubbock for lunch. It became clear that the front would once again undercut storms today so we favoured an area around Hobbs for initiation and 2 Supercells formed which we got in front of. Another 2 Storms popped up around this time which made things interesting for picking a target storm and would later have an impact. Radar of initiation.

We headed South to the Town of Jal (NM) and the storm was started to get its act together with some stunning Cg bolts ahead of the Storm.

Double Cg Strike below

The most exciting part of the chase was to come though as we headed east back into Texas towards Andrews. The Supercell behind us had already been undercut and lined out and only 1 Storm remained. This Storm had reported 4-5″ Hail on it so we ventured into the NW side of the storm to take a look and got greeted with 80mph RFD winds and small hail at first, we ventured probably too far though and as the wrap around took shape we started to take 4 Inch stones with were deafening, all 3 cars windscreens got put through and some of the most amazing scenes were now on the road with 1 Foot Drifts of Hail and Hail Fog on our road.

Drifts upto 1 foot deep Pic Below

The Cold Front had now undercut all the Storms and an Upscale MCS was now in progress so it was game over for chasing today. We headed north to see if we could get some nice sunset shots and the guys shot some lightning at the system moving away. It was only then that we saw the scars of what 4″ Softball Hail can do to Motor Vehicles.

Some of the Lightning and Blue Hour pics below


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