Saturday 4th June 2022 – Kansas and Colorado (Slight Risk)

Started the day with an early start at 8am from Seminole and knowing the next day would be in Nebraska it was a kind of drive north and see what pops up type of day. Storms were mainly multi cell with some Supercell structures at times. After a quick lunch stop in Amarillo we continued northwards towards the I70 area west of Colby and watched a Supercell roll into Cheyenne Wells over the border in Colorado. We did actually witness a brief weak Landspout Tornado with this storm. At times the structure was very nice see below.

We then tracked this Storm to just south of Colby where it really became interesting as it joined other storms heading SE out of Northern Kansas and all started to grow upscale into a damaging SE Moving MCS. We sat just to the west of the line and watched it slide away whilst shooting some amazing Cg Lightning.

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