Sunday 5th June 2022 – Kansas (Enhanced Risk)

We started today in Colby and there were 2 very distinct targets today. The first SW Nebraska and NW Kansas and the 2nd new one which had arisen from the previous days SE Moving MCS which had thrown off a very nice Outflow Boundary over South Central Kansas. Overnight Model runs had also trended to the southern target so its back south we go and a Lunch stop at Dodge City. Risk Zones Below and HRRR projected Supercell around 7pm.

So we sat and we sat and we sat, 5pm 6pm 7pm – The Cap was very very strong BUT we never give up in chasing and I ventured towards some agitated cumulus down near Medicine Lodge and at 815pm Boooooom. We have lift off and within 30 minutes a Striated Supercell moving straight South into Oklahoma.

Now was the fun part, the Supercell started to throw out clear air Anvil to Ground Bolts a good 30 miles in front of the Storm and the guys caught some absolute stunners two of which are below from Graham and Reiner. Ended the day with another 2 hours of Severe storms slamming the hotel at Enid.

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