Saturday 11th June 2022 – Nebraska and Kansas (Slight Risk)

The first day of Tour 4 we started from our overnight stay in Ogallalla with 2 possible targets the first in the high plains and the second what I felt was a better Tornado risk in SE Nebraska and SPC went with a 5% in this area. After a quick lunch in Beatrice I was confident we were in a good position with strong convection noted to our west along a boundary. A Tornado Watch was issued and the first blips on radar went up 15 miles to our west.

We dropped south from Beatrice avoiding the 4″ Hail this time and stopped at a great elevated location where we could see 3 Supercells all lined up and all were Tornado Warned, our location within 2 miles of a Town had Tornado Sirens blaring continuously and the structure on our storm was stunning.

Radar of the 3 Supercells lined up below

I noticed around this time the middle Supercell took a sharp south turn and was about to boss proceedings so relocated us further west.

It was becoming apparent that the main supercell was going to contain a rain wrapped Tornado around this time and a Tornado was ongoing from looking at Base Velocity near Maysville. We continued south stopping for structure shots hoping the Tornado would clear some rain away for a sneak peak but it was not giving away any easy shots.

I decided the only way to see these Tornadoes today was to get in there and get involved so went back east towards Blue Rapids (Ks) to try and get a position north of the Tornado but before we could get there the Tornado had blocked our path with power lines over the road and trees down everywhere. We had to abort back west and into a barrage of Smooth Channel bolts striking all around us. Knowing tomorrow contains a very good risk in South Dakota we cut the chase off and headed to York Nebraska for the night ready for the long drive North West Tomorrow.

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