Sunday 12th June 2022 – South Dakota (Slight Risk)

Started the day in SE Nebraska and a mammoth drive ahead of us to get onto some Supercell Storms rolling into South Dakota from Wyoming. My Target was Belle Fourche and SPC went with a 5% Tornado Risk for today. Our Journey through the Sandhills was stopped by Lunch in Valentine (NE) and then onto the Badlands and Rapid City for another break. We arrived at Belle Fourche at the perfect time with a Stunning Supercell 30 miles west of Town and also as soon as we got there a Tornado Warning. A first look at the Storm showed a HP Supercell with Giant Hail heading towards us. This whole Season has been the year of the Ice Machines unfortunately but very pretty storms to look at.

Around this time Belle Fourche was taking an absolute pounding from wind driven Baseball Hail. We tried to keep in front of the storm and dropped down towards Sturgis and the Bear Butte Volcano, the Supercell duly obliged and sat pretty much behind the Volcano.

Bear Butte Volcano Below

We then repositioned further east down I-90 towards the Badlands and watched the now bowing line move away, a nice LP Supercell right at the back of the line drifted in front of us to end the day.

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