Wednesday 15th June 2022 – Wisconsin (Moderate Risk)

Started the day in Iowa and SPC Upgraded the Enhanced Risk to Moderate on their 1630z Update and bumped the Tornado Risk upto 15% Hatched. But once again we would have to chase in less than favourable Terrain in Wisconsin. Knowing the area pretty well now from previous visits I positioned us east of Lacrosse and far enough back from the Mississippi River Valley.

The Day started off with Elevated Overnight Storms moving away into Minnesota that had some cool wave features associated with Undulatus Asperatus

Models were showing a very messy storm mode with a quick transition to Linear so the trick today would be to get on a storm early with a half decent view and then bug out. I somehow managed to pick out of the mush a decent looking storm which was just over the river near Decorah and kept a close eye on it as it travelled North East. Once it turned east and started throwing out Smooth Channel Bolts I knew the storm had become surface based and was riding the warm front. Now was the time for intercept near Tomah so we headed north to get NE of the Storm. Once again the Storm was heavily HP and the Tornado rain wrapped the theme of 2022. We did see the very end of the Tornado as it was too our North but contrast was abysmal.

Around this time the whole complex lined out into a Tornado Warned Squall line and we had 4 Tornado warned areas of this line segment to our south, great eh ?? Well not if your Car loses power and blows a water pump. We limped to a BP Service Station on I-39 and waited a tow truck to get us to Madison Airport where a replacement car would be. A few interesting hours with tornadic line segments ensued. A very strange day indeed!

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