Thursday 16th June 2022 – Nebraska (Slight Risk)

After swapping out the broken down car we knew that the High Plains would reignite over the weekend so made our way back from our overnight stay in Madison (Wisconsin) And along the way Storms were expected to erupt at Sunset in SE Nebraska so we set course for an overnight stay at Lincoln which wasnt a bad shout as that seemed to be the epicentre of where the storms were impacting from 8pm until 3am so a busy evening was had. 2 Lines of storms erupted with 3 Supercells lined up south of Interstate 80 and a line of elevated Supercells north of the Interstate and all these were drifting slowly south east. I got us into a nice position between the 2 lines in the dry slot and at one point we had 360 degree lightning.

Radar Grab below

We eventually made our way to our hotel and shot lightning for hours. A really severe storm rattled through around 130am with Quarter sized hail and 80mph winds which made for some great video. A very loud night with close thunder banging away into the dawn hours. Great Fun!

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