Wednesday 22nd June 2022 – Kansas – Gen TStorm Risk

After picking up the guests for Tour 5 we had driven to Ellis for our overnight position knowing a couple of Kansas chase days were in the offing, the first would be a very weak risk in South Central Kansas, the temps and dewpoints were superb with 88/74 registered at Pratt where we ate Lunch, the problem was only 10 knots of shear meaning storms would rain on themselves and only really the Multi Cell Storms would sustain until dusk, so it was a mainly Lightning show we were after today. The first Storms were very Elevated so to bring the hail out I did a B&W Shot, some of the later storms had quite pokey winds and an 18 Wheeler got turned over near Haviland. We then finished the day with some Lightning shots and Sunset shots at Greensburg before heading back to the hotel at Pratt for the night.


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