Friday 24th June 2022 – Kansas and Nebraska (Marginal Risk)

We started today in Salina and the Models were all over the place once again with a very broad area for storms from North Dakota through South Dakota down through Nebraska and Kansas. We headed North and then West along Interstate 80 before settling on some better looking storms forming a line from Eastern Colorado to the Nebraska Panhandle. Lightning was the main aim of today so I booked the Hotel at McCook (NE) and headed along the Road into that town from Oberlin to set up for some lightning. What I didnt expect was a long base with multiple Landspouts occuring along the line the best of which was over or near to Benkelman (NE). A real bonus couple of Tornadoes for today and we sent the photo evidence to NWS Goodland who verified our pics.

Landspout Below – Jock has a Picture showing the Funnel Above


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