Wednesday 4th July 2018 – CO (Marginal Risk)

Well……………………..Today was NOT Supposed to be a chase day but then BA went and delayed our flight for 6 hours and the good people at the Car Rentals said we could keep it until 9pm if we liked soooooo…………………..Off me and John Finney set off.

Some really nice Storms were knocking about just east of DIA and within about 20 miles to the North and East so we went to have a look. Heading North from Bennett we came across some nice accumulations of hail at the side of the road, the storm just to our North was grumbling away still and with the sunlight shining through John managed to get some Cg Lightning with his trigger.

One of the Storms a bit further east we noticed had now acheived a Severe Thunderstorm warning and the velocities were showing a tightening couplet, from our vantage point looking east at the Boiling updraughts I was pretty confident this storm had some sort of Landspout Funnel spinning away out the back of the storm, it was certainly rotating from our vantage point.

This was turning into a lovely little bonus day (Thanks Again BA)

Storms finally were really shifting to the North and East so we had to let them go, we did manage some nice setting sun shots before we gave the car back though and finally trudged through to Departures. Colorado gave us one final chase day for 2018!

Picture below of Denver Downtown in front of the Rockies with Moisture in the low levels.

With thanks to John Finney for some outstanding Photography once again during the 2018 Season.

Tuesday 3rd July 2018 – WY/CO – Slight Risk

Started our last chase day of the 2018 Season in Ogallalla and needed to stay south and close enough to Denver for tomorrow flight home. A very broad area of risk with the NAM much more aggressive than the HRRR for this day. Moisture was lacking in the risk area with the better dewpoints way off to the east suggesting the overnight risk would be more severe than the day risk. We headed west towards Pine Bluff and watched a Storm go up over our heads, last day Hail fun was on order and we took Quarter Sized hail for a good 15 minutes just West of Pine Bluff as the Storm went Severe.

More Storms were starting to form further south so we just kept stair stepping down the line until we go to just west of Sterling. None of the storms today were Supercells but just Pulse Storms, they did have some great Cg Lightning though and John managed to pull off this shot which was pretty much the last shot of the Season at Stoneham. See you all in 2019

Monday 2nd July 2018 – CO/NE – Slight Risk

Started the day in Colby (KS) and Models were quite consistent with where Initiation might be along a wind shift and stationery boundary. We had lunch in Culbertson (NE) and went towards Holyoke where first signs of Initiation was occuring. The Storms were really struggling maybe due to so much smoke in the atmosphere from the Southern Colorado Fires. Another area of Storms had initiated near North Platte around 75 miles to our North East and these looked more robust and crucially they were in Temps of 85 with a 74 Dewpoint. We probably hung around the Colorado Storms too long but made a break for the Nebraska cells and as soon as we did it went Tornado Warned, the Velocity was very broad and elevated, I pretty much knew these were going to be LP Supercells when we finally got a visual on them and so they were. We headed North along Highway 83 from North Platte towards Stapleton and got our first visual on the base, a sculptured Barber Pole LP Supercell which even had a Funnel Cloud hanging from it upon arrival. New Storms had also by now gone up to our west and these also had elevated funnel clouds. The show really got started at Sunset when we had at one point 3 LP Supercells spinning away and spitting out some amazing Clear Air Cg Lightning Bolts (A Photographers Dream) Pics below are from John Finney of both Supercells at Sunset and just after dark.

The Peach Sunset colours were spectacular

As darkness came upon us the Lightning Continued