200th Tornado Competition: Win your place on the 2020 storm chase

WeatherHolidays will be giving away a Free Space on the 2020 Tours on the Tour of your Choice, and is open to all guests booked on our Tornado Alley Trips, Photography, Canada and Arizona in 2019 and also those who are already booked for the 2020 Trip and have booked as of April 30th 2019.

How do you win this Trip ??

Weather Holidays have seen 198 Tornadoes up to the end of the 2018 Season and we would love you to guess what US State the 200th will occur in. If we have multiple correct guesses a live draw will take place in Early July to determine the winner of this prize.

To give you a little help, or to make this a bit more difficult, the first Tornadoes in the last 5 Seasons have occurred in Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado, BUT its the 2nd Tornado of the 2019 Season that Counts.

Please Email your Guess and send it to [email protected] no later than the 30th April 2019. Only participants of the 2019 and 2020 Tours can take part and its only 1 guess per person and the first guess will stand, so think carefully.

The people who guess correctly will then be entered into a draw to see who wins the prize – we’ll announce the winner within 14 days of our 200th tornado.

Good Luck to everyone taking part!

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