Wednesday 29th June 2022 – North Dakota (Enhanced Risk)

After a few down days and some Astro Photography which even featured weak Aurora we were back into the last 3 days of Storm Action. Starting today in Glendive (MT) the Models were once again struggling like crazy putting initiation all over the place. The SPC had the 2% Tornado Risk in NE North Dakota but that area looked completely capped to me so after having lunch in Bismarck I wasnt going any further east. We actually dropped South to the SD/ND Border and watched some storms that initiated North of the Black Hills roll towards us. But the show was about to start with an arcing line of Supercells erupting near Bowman and it was these we set a course for. The late initiation of these storms meant we only had 90 minutes to enjoy them though.

We simply did not have enough time for these storms to structure up and Sunset Lightning was once again all that was on offer.


On the drive to our Hotel for the night there was some lovely mammatus on the back edge of the storms now to our east.

Saturday 25th June 2022 – Texas Panhandle (Marginal Risk)

Started today in McCook and  not much was on the table storm wise – The Only thing that looked half decent was in the Texas Panhandle so we set course for a slow drive down arriving in the early evening to get ready for overnight Storms and Lightning Opportunities. What we didnt expect was a Nice Supercell east of Canadian which had some nice structure.

We watched mainly multi cells after this congeal into an MCS and headed to our hotel, some really nice Lightning was caught by the guests. One of the pictures below from Chris Davis.

Thursday 12th May 2022 – S Dakota (Moderate Risk)

We awoke in Sioux Falls and SPC had upgraded today to a Moderate Risk mainly for a Derechio and a 10% Hatched Tornado Risk further North and West through Central and North East South Dakota. Similar to the day before the Models were showing an Arc of Supercells moding into a east moving Derechio and another Line of Supercells further west nearer the NE Moving Surface Low. Again it was a Warm Front play and crucially today we needed the Derechio to be further south east and delayed to actually not let it cut off the warm easterly inflow into our discrete storms.

My target today was between Huron and Aberdeen and Storms had already fired in Central Southern Nebraska racing North. We really needed something to fire early to the North West of these storms and stay discrete. A few storms did fire and remained discrete but the derechio was rapidly catching up it was a race against time. We followed a Supercell to just south of Aberdeen which looked the part for a bit but just could not get the job done, it really was a grungy mess and I dont even think I took a picture. We were now hearing of power outages across most of Eastern South Dakota and haunting images of Dust Storms and 105mph winds smashing most towns up with trees down and power lines across the road. We even had to get checked into our hotel by torchlight as the hotel had no power in Brookings. Once again a very underwhelming day and what was on the table really did not play out how the models had predicted.

Some images below


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